Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos

My favorite taco joint in Brooklyn is Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos in Bushwick. It's a special place with a simple menu. So simple, in fact, they let you write your own order on an index card. The ambiance is absolute perfection, provided you love garages. It IS a garage! What fun! A wide open garage with plenty of natural light, until it gets dark (which is when they plug in the neon). This place gets crowded during peak hours, so get there early to secure the table depicting the Mother Mary. The clincher: TMLM is BYOB, making it the perfect spot to order a few $2.50 tacos and shoot the shit with your amigos. If the index cards, the garage, and the six-pack from the deli didn't get you, just go for the food. The tacos are really good, this is in fact a tortilla factory. I love the tacos and I love the crunchy tostadas even more. I slather both in delicious salsa verde until my mouth is on fire. Their amazing salsa verde inspired me to make my own: Salsa Verde Recipe.

Veggie Tacos
 Veggie Tostadas


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