Apple Celery Salad

This is the absolute perfect fall salad. The julienned apple and thinly sliced celery make it a polished dish to serve to your friends and family at the start or end of a meal.


•Celery, preferably with leaves still on
•Apple, your preferred variety 
•Raw pecan pieces
•Blue cheese, wedge if available (if not, crumbled does the trick)
•Olive oil
•Balsamic vinegar


Cut celery thinly on diagonal. Julienne apple with a knife or using a julienne peeler (I used a peeler, and recommend it!). Mix spinach with a few celery leaves and place on plate. Top with layer of celery slices. Add layer of apple. Sprinkle with pecan. Dab blue cheese on top and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 


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