Nectarine Frozen Yogurt


These California nectarines were ripe, juicy and just begging to be made into something delicious. I chose frozen yogurt. This may be the world's easiest frozen yogurt recipe - no ice cream maker needed! It really only requires two ingredients: nectarines and yogurt, but I added a little je ne sais quoi (the nectarines pair beautifully with basil). I suspect this simple method would work with any number of frozen fruits and cannot wait to experiment throughout the summer!

• 8 ripe nectarines
• 16 oz plain yogurt (1/2 tub - nonfat, whole milk or Greek)
• 2 tbs honey
• 1 tbs lemon juice

• fresh basil
• nectarine slices

Slice nectarines and freeze

Place frozen nectarines, yogurt, honey and lemon juice in food processor and blend until smooth

Serve immediately or place mixture in freezer until scoopable

Garnish with fresh basil and nectarine slices



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